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Ceramic Tile Grouting Repair Agent

Ceramic Tile Grouting Repair Agent

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1. Contains waterproof and antifungal agent.
2. Its bright white completely covers up the old dirty grout, making it look like new.
3. It is used as a space filling material for tiles, bathtubs, sinks, bathrooms, etc.

1. The newly improved gypsum board repair kit is made of synthetic resin and carbonate cover. It contains no formaldehyde and is 100% green. It can be used safely by children, adults and the elderly. Whether indoor or outdoor, wall repair agent can easily and instantly repair damaged surfaces. Suitable for various household items.
2. It has strong resistance to breakage, no streaks and water resistance. Compared with other putty pastes, the wall surface is smoother, more water-resistant, and has better weather resistance.
3. With simple steps, you can quickly fill in the blanks. Fairness and scratches (must wear gloves). The drywall sealant kit can be reused after being opened without shrinking or cracking. Maintenance has never been easier.
4. The product can be repaired according to different walls

Product information:
Category: Tile Grouting Repair Agent
Specification: 120ml
Applicable products: ceramic tiles

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