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Creative Personality Round Transparent Fire Lighter

Creative Personality Round Transparent Fire Lighter

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1. Antique Charm: Crafted from durable zinc alloy with exquisite workmanship, this vintage kerosene lighter exudes a timeless charm, perfect for collectors and enthusiasts.
2. Innovative Design: The transparent visible fuel tank adds a creative touch, showcasing the fluid level while giving it a unique aesthetic appeal.
3. Rocker Arm Ignition: Say goodbye to traditional methods with the rocker arm ignition design, making it easy to light up with a simple push-down motion and enhancing the ignition rate.
4. Reusable & Practical: The refillable design allows for prolonged use, providing an eco-friendly alternative while the rubber pad at the bottom effectively prevents leaks.
5. Thoughtful Gift: Ideal for gifting on special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, or Christmas, this distinctive trench lighter stands out as a thoughtful and collectible present.

Product Information:
Color: Fire flat 929 gold drawing, fire flat 929 silver Knurling
Material: Alloy
Type: Lighter


Packing list:
Lighter X1

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