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Follow-up bracket live camera support

Follow-up bracket live camera support

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Product name: 360 ᄚ Intelligent Follow-up PTZ
Product model: Apai Genie;

Product size: 93 * 93 * 165.4mm (L * W * H)
Support mobile phone size: 56-100mm
Mechanical angle:
360 ᄚ unlimited horizontal rotation
37 ᄚ portrait. Flip up
37 ᄚ vertical down
Power supply:
3 1.5v alkaline dry batteries
Continuous working time: 50 hours

1. Suitable for mobile phones/micro-single/DV and other devices;
2. Three-dimensional rotation adjustment;
3. Easily retractable storage;
4. Five levels of height adjustment;
5. PET lock design;
6. The foot tube is made of space aluminum alloy material;
7. It can be positioned up and down adjustment, high cost performance;

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