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Microfiber Car Wash Towel

Microfiber Car Wash Towel

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Excellent water absorption.
Soft vacuum, easy to clean.
Coral fleece material, fluffy and soft.

Use it in time to clean it. It is good to use a few times with water. If it is stubborn and can't be washed, please use a little soap, add some detergent or hand sanitizer, and you can take a look at it twice.
1. Do not use softener bleach, it will affect the water absorption effect.
2. Do not wash at high temperatures.
3. Don't use it to throw it aside, let it go, don't worry, when you use it, you think of it, it's dirty.

Material: Microfiber
Yarn process: warp knitting
Yarn specification: 150D
Production process:: high and low hair, edging
Fabric Composition:: Polyester (Polyester)
Cleaning towel type: multifunctional towel
Color: yellow / gray
Specifications (length * width cm): 40x40cm
Features: Do not hurt the paint
Features: No lint
Function: Strong water absorption / long lasting time / soft / strong dust removal
Applicable season: four seasons available



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