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Motorcycle EL Cold Light Helmet

Motorcycle EL Cold Light Helmet

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Product type: Motorcycle Helmet Turn Signal Light 

EL thickness: 2(mm)

EL Weight: 0.5g

EL Size:380*35(mm)

EL power source: 3V

Application: Compatible with any helmet.



1. 2018 Brand new and high quality
The turn signal light is attached to a motorcycle helmet for warning effect which is quite obvious especially in foggy, rainy, or snowy weather, or at night or in dark environment, thereby effectively preventing rear-end collisions and ensuring driver's safety.

2. This product is universal for all kinds of motorcycles in the market.
3. 20 minutes of battery life per day for one month (excluding battery)
4. The service life is 5000 hours

5. 3*M Glue, the best adhesives to ensure your kit will not fly off at high speeds.
5. Flashing, always on, warning three-stop mode
6. Dear, when you receive the item, please do not fold it or it will be damaged. any problem just contact us freely.

100% new and high quality!

Do not hurt the helmet, use double-sided glue, tear off the residual glue, wipe with detergent residue can be cleaned.

Service life is about 5000 hours.

Firm, not easy to age, waterproof strip waterproof.

3 modes: always on, flash, flash flash. Can be switched through the controller.


Material: PVC

Battery: 2 * AA battery (not included)

Size: 380 * 35mm (approx.)

Thickness: 0.5 mm

2 flashing stripes

1 x 1 meter extension cord

1 x battery box 1 x 1-2 lines

One x film


Depending on the light and screen, the color of the project may be slightly different from the image.







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