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New Car Sound Control Light

New Car Sound Control Light

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1. Built-in high-sensitivity microphone (voice control)
2.32 colorful lamp beads
3. No less than 8 views
4. 4 levels of brightness adjustable
5. 5 speeds adjustable
6.18 adjustable color modes
7. With automatic AGC gain control
8. The proprietary intelligent noise reduction algorithm can be used in noisy environments.

Product information:
Power 5 (W)
Voltage 5 (V)
Current1 (A)
Color RGB
Model Sound Control Rhythm Music Light
Applicable models: General
Adapted models All

Product Model: D10-RGB
Input voltage: DC 5V 1A
Software support: AGC; intelligent muffler
Input interface: TYPE-C USB
Frequency response: 100-16KHZ

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