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New Multi-function Portable Charging Fan

New Multi-function Portable Charging Fan

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Product information:

Power supply mode: USB
Product features: dual fan blades with power bank
Air supply method: turn page
Wind speed gear position: 3
Operation mode: mechanical
Whether to support charging: support
Speed adjustment gear: third gear
Whether to turn page fan: Yes
Color: white ((self-soldering battery), black (self-soldering battery), pink (self-soldering battery), green (self-soldering battery), white 4000 mAh, black 4000 mAh, pink 4000 mAh, Green 4000 mAh, White 10000 mAh, Black 10000 mAh, Pink 10000 mAh, Green 10000 mAh, White 2400 mAh, Black 2400 mAh, Pink 2400 mAh, Green 2400 mAh
Fan blade diameter: 2 inches
Whether built-in battery: Yes
Built-in battery capacity: 10000 mA
Whether the source of patented goods: No
Size: 183*87*33mm

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Packing list:

power Bank*1

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