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Pet Drinking Water Filtration

Pet Drinking Water Filtration

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Product information:
Product name: Pet water dispenser
Brand name: NPET
Product model: WF020
Input: DC 5V 95mA
Product size: 206x187x180 mm
Maximum capacity: 2.5L
Product material: environmental protection ABS+PC
Applicable objects: cats, medium and small dogs
Body weight: 0.8kg
Operating temperature: 0 ° C~50 ° C
Operating humidity: 10%~80%
Executive standard: Q/441900
NX 001-2019
Adapter line length: 1.5m
Adapter certification: CCC

1. Intelligent voltage protection does not dry burn without water, and the water pump automatically stops when the water level is too lowwork,Prevent dry burning and ensure safety
2. 5V low voltage 0.5A low current power supply, no threat to pet safety
3. Voltage regulator adapter, too high or too low voltage will trigger automatic protection function

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