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Pet Nail Clippers With LED Light

Pet Nail Clippers With LED Light

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1.  LED light: the electric dog nail cutter has LED lights, and the light is very bright so that you can see life in the nails of the animals very well. Avoid excessive polishing and reduce the harm to pets. Suitable for beginners.
2. The nail scissors for dogs are sharpened and rugged thanks to their stainless steel blades.
3. There is a nail file at the bottom to polish and smooth the nails and prevent scratching of pets and human skin.
4. The design of the nail collectors makes the clipped nail fragments no longer scattered all over the place.
5. Suitable for beginners: the non-slip handle is very suitable for beginners, even if you have no experience, you can easily cut your pet's nails. It is very suitable for the daily care of kittens, small dogs, hamsters, birds and other small animals.

Product information:

Material: stainless steel, ABS
Style: fashion and simplicity
Features: with lights
Color: white, pink, green, yellow

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