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Portable Desktop Mini Heater

Portable Desktop Mini Heater

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Product Information

Brand: Hobird
Operation Mode: Mechanical
Timing Function: More Than 8 Hours
Rated Voltage: 110-220v
Rated Power: 220v
Switch Type: Normal Button
Types Of Heating Appliances: Fan Heater
Air Supply Mode: No Page Turning, No Head Shaking
Application Area: 21-30㎡
Heating Method: Ceramic Heating
Speed Adjustment Gear: Third Gear
Maximum Heating Area: 20m^2 And Above

Product specifications: 13*13* 13cm

The main function
1. Safety switch: mechanical and electronic double safety switch protection
2. Free adjustment of dual-speed temperature control: 400W low hot air, 800W high hot air
3. Three free timing options: default 12 hours, 1H, 2H, 8H freely adjustable
4. Safe overheating and power-off protection: automatic power-off protection for 110° faulty over-temperature system
5. Delayed safe heat dissipation: the fan will still work for 30 seconds after the heating is cut off

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