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RC Cessna Glider Plane

RC Cessna Glider Plane

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This product body uses EPP high toughness elastic model material.

The main highlight is the polymer battery, which allows the battery to last for a long time, the baby to play with the fun, the height of the motor is equipped with the body material.

The speed is fast, the combination is firm, the strength is strong, the flight time is extended, and the structure can be complicated.
The growth of the child is inseparable from the companionship of the toy. This remote-controlled glider can not only develop the hands-on ability, but also create a parent-child time.

Product specifications
Product parameters

Product name : Z50 remote control glider
Product size : 330x350x80mm
Available colors: yellow, blue, red
Remote frequency: 2.4Ghz frequency remote control
Flying height : 100~150 meters
Remote control distance: 120 meters or so
Flight time : >15 minutes (specifically subject to actual)
Charging time: about 25~30 minutes
Body battery : 3.7V300mAhLIPO
Remote control battery: 3 AA batteries (supplied)
Product configuration: glider*1, remote control*1, manual*1, spare frame*2, charging cable*1, tripod*1




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