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Rechargeable Electric Milk Frother Blender

Rechargeable Electric Milk Frother Blender

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USB Electric Coffee Milk Frother Foam Maker Egg Beater Whisk Mixer 3 Modes
This electric milk frother quickly turns your milk or cream into a smooth frothy foam
Widely used for stirring eggs, butter, milk, soup, sauce, and more
Great for cafe shops, drink stores, and restaurants to froth milk for latte art


Color: black with hook, white with hook, pink with hook, silver with hook
Style: modern and simple
Single color box size: 23.2*11*4.5CM
Voltage: 4.5V-5.5V
Lithium battery capacity: 1200mAh
Charging mode: charging-red, full-green
Gear position: low----off----medium----off-----high-----off
Spherical stirring rod function (egg beater): cream whipping, egg white whipping, and another foaming stirring
Spiral stirring rod function (stirring head): the ordinary non-foaming stirring of butter, olive oil, milk powder, paint, etc.
Spring stirring rod function (double-layer milk foam head): milk, beverage, and another micro-bubble stirring
USB power cord: universal for micro Android charging port
Configuration: host + double-layer milk foam head + egg beater + mixing head + data cable (use time is controlled within 5 minutes, long time will reduce motor performance and battery life)

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