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Semi-automatic Rotary Heat-resistant Glass Teapot

Semi-automatic Rotary Heat-resistant Glass Teapot

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Sophisticated Design: It is made of transparent borosilicate glass with elegant curves, fine textures and decorations that show an attractive appearance.
Easy To See: With clear borosilicate glass, this rotating teapot allows you to have a better insight into tea brewing and thus can have better control over the brewing time and the color of the tea.
Improves Taste: By manually rotating the teapot, you can increase the contact area between the tea leaves and the tea water, which enhances the flavor and improves the taste, giving your tea more aroma.
Easy To Clean: Glass rotating teapots are generally very easy to clean as they do not leave any odor or residue behind. In addition, because they are transparent, it is also easy to keep an eye on cleaning.
Tea Performance: Professional tea artists often use glass rotating teapots for tea performances, showing beautiful scenes of tea leaves tumbling in the pot and the clear flow of tea, thus giving people a richer tea culture experience.

Product information:
Surface Technology: heat-resistant glass
Material: Glass
Style: modern simplicity

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