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Silicone Food Bag Sealing Strap

Silicone Food Bag Sealing Strap

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1. TPE material: Made of high-quality materials, it has high elasticity, is not easy to wear, and is environmentally friendly.
2. Design: With a ring buckle design, carrying the bag won't hurt your hands, and it can also be hung on the kitchen wall to save space.
3. Convenient to use: Place the bag in the sealing ring, press the button and push to tighten it.
4. Widely used: Suitable for various food bags, such as sealed bread, potato chip bags, etc. It can also store messy data cables, cables, etc.

Product information:

Physical size total length: 16cm
Bundle width: 2cm
Single weight: 15g
Material: TPE
Style: Comfortable
Color: 1 set in yellow, 1 set in green, and 1 set in purple

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