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Summer Gel Cushion Car Seat

Summer Gel Cushion Car Seat

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Made of High Elasticity Gel Material:Using high-quality gel material, it has excellent shock absorption, which can disperse and absorb the pressure of the human body and the burden of the waist! The ergonomically designed seat cushion provides maximum support and comfort while reducing stress on the back, coccyx, sciatica and hips while promoting a healthy posture.
Good breathability and strong practicability:The gel seat cushion adopts a "honeycomb structure", which has good air permeability and can better circulate the air, keeping it fresh and comfortable even after sitting for a long time every day.
Super Soft and Non-Deformable:The gel pad has cushioning properties, so it won't break even if you put an egg and sit down. In addition, it uses a highly elastic gel material that returns to its original shape once stretched and squeezed, providing durability that is superior to traditional seat cushions.
Easy to clean and easy to carry:The gel seat cushion has a machine washable zipper for easy cleaning. The gel seat is lightweight and portable, you can take it to your home, office, wheelchair and movie theater. And it's small enough to accommodate long-haul aircraft. You can use it in any season!
FITS FOR ANY CHAIR:This cooling gel seat cushion fits most office chairs. The perfect solution for your office or kitchen chairs, cars, trucks, airplanes, wheelchairs, computer desk chairs at home or work, recliners, stadium seating and sofas!

Product Information:

Fabric material:Gel
Filling material: Gel
Style A: Second-generation double-layer + cloth cover (without color box)
Style B: Second generation double layer + cloth cover + color box
Style C: Small + cloth cover
Style D: Second generation large size (48X44X3.7cm) + cloth cover
Style E: Second-generation diamond shape + cloth cover
Style F: Second generation (light blue) + cloth cover
Style G: Three generations + cloth cover
Style H:Three generations + cloth cover + color box
Style I: Large three-generation + cloth cover (without color box)
Style J: Fourth Generation Standard Style + Cloth Cover
Style K: Fourth-generation enhanced version + cloth cover

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