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Telescopic hose nozzle set water gun

Telescopic hose nozzle set water gun

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1. CAE fluid dynamics analysis is used to design the flow path. After 23 hydrostatic tests, the water pressure loss was reduced to less than 5%, which brought a pleasant experience. CAE pressure is 40%

2. 20° oblique spray. After collecting user experience reports and many angle verification tests, a more comfortable car wash angle was designed.

3 Flexible polymer material is used for the expansion tube to produce elongation under water injection conditions. The expansion of the water injection becomes longer, and the automatic drainage is shortened and shortened.

4, the whole gun uses double-layer sealing technology, all sealing rings are made of high-quality EPDM rubber, good sealing performance, no leakage

.5. We have independently developed a new type of quick coupling. 90 degree rotation and quick connect mode. Once inserted, it can be securely locked and then tightened. It is easy to operate, has good sealing performance and no leakage.

1 rotating disc setting, 6 different water spray modes, suitable for setting and processing in different scenes and different situations.

Slender guns. The balance is heavy and the spray does not wet the clothes.

3. TPE thermoplastic coatings. The grip is comfortable and will not freeze hands in winter.

4. When the water is drained, press the lock button to maintain the spray status. One hand is easy to operate and effortless.

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