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Toy Tablet for Kid's

Toy Tablet for Kid's

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Material: plastic/plastic

Specification: 18.8 * 14.6 * 14.6 cm

Category: early education/preschool story machine

Features: flash, parent-child games, speech recognition, emotional interaction, music/sound, touch reflection, electric

Ability training: crawling, interest training, parent-child communication, emotion, sensory, intellectual development, hands-on brain, auditory, interactive toys, grasping, hand-eye coordination, other ability training, vision


The colors are delivered at random!

The early education screen is a plastic film, not a display screen, a good toy that doesn't hurt children's eyes, and the bottom is a circuit board key. You just swipe it with your finger, and it emits a corresponding sound. You should have one. Get the job done. The kids will love it.

The product USES 3 section 5 battery, exercise children's eyesight, listening, practical ability and knowledge, cultivate children's interest in books; Imitate real style, play while learning; Speech learning series, is the parent's seedling companion, the book has the golden house; The toy type learning book can trigger the children's interest in learning, drawing, writing and singing. Let the baby learn in the entertainment, the entertainment in the study, can effectively raise the interest of the child to learn, stimulate the child to learn the latent quality, let the child gently loosen to win on the starting line

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