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Waterproof self-adhesive tape

Waterproof self-adhesive tape

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Article No. : HF butyl Tape

Long term temperature resistance: 50
Short term temperature resistance :150
Base material: aluminum foil
Brand: Hongfu
Precautions for Construction:
1. No matter the building, pipeline or container is leaking, the later waterproofing must be done at the water surface, that is
Directly touching the rain/water side (as shown above), stop the water from the source!
2. Before the construction, the dust and loose material of the construction surface shall be cleaned to ensure that the base surface is clean and free of moisture and oil
Make sure the tape fits well
3. Before construction, it is necessary to identify the leakage point, expand the waterproof construction scope, ensure that the leakage cracks are covered and cement cracks are built
Discussion stick 10cm or 1.5 cm wide!
4. Just stick to do not tear, because at the beginning of the adhesive layer only stay in the top layer, need more than a week to slowly
Infiltration and the base surface of the joint, to achieve better viscosity!

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