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Wireless Keyboard Case Protective Cover

Wireless Keyboard Case Protective Cover

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Applicable models: all systems with Bluetooth function mobile phones. Tablets are applicable regardless of screen size.
Instructions for use:
Step 1: Turn on the ON/OFF button
Step 2: Press the CONNECT button, and the indicator light of the Bluetooth logo will flash
Step 3: Turn on the Bluetooth switch of the phone at this time, search for Bluetooth devices, the default name of the keyboard case is Bluetooth 3.0 Keyboard
Step 4: Click the Bluetooth 3.0 Keyboard on the tablet or mobile phone, there will be a four-digit password with Arabic numerals, enter it on the keyboard, for example, the tablet prompts 1234, after pressing on the keyboard, press Enter to connect.


Phone keyboard holster: Outside: 225MM X width: 140MM X thickness: 25MM. Ratio 16:9

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